Apr 18, 2012

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ~ Review, Swatch & Picture Demo

 Maybelline claims that we'll love Dream Matte Foundation for:
  • Revolutionary whipped formula provides an air – soft, perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel.
  • Color pigments offer superior coverage.
  • Blends effortlessly for a soft, natural – looking, even – toned result

Price: 525 INR for 18g

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: The swatch of the mousse looks like floral foam rather than whipped cream. Nonetheless feels light to touch.
  • Package: Agreed it's the unhygienic glass jar package but still it is cute, sturdy and compact.
  • Fragrance: Odourless
  • Shade: It comes in 6 shades and the shade that matches my skin tone is N*de. Other shades available are
    • Honey Beige
    • Pure Beige
    • Sandy Beige
    • Natural Ivory
    • Classic Ivory


  • Moisturizing? Will not provide external moisturizing and aggravates any dry patches/ flakes present on the skin.  So a good moisturizer is always suggestible beneath this foundation.
  • Mattifying? Works well as I noticed that it absorbs any oily residue left behind by a moisturizer. But don't get excited because the matte finish lasts only for 2-3 hours. 
  • Application? It doesn't work well with a brush. I used fingers which does give smooth application but is time consuming. Currently I am using a sponge which is comfortable and covers face & neck in seconds. Only downside of using a sponge is the product wastage.
  • Blending? Blends smoothly into skin without much effort.
  • Lasting Power? In an all AC environment lasts for whole day. Otherwise the brightness lasts for 4 hours.
  • Coverage? Covers light skin imperfections but as claimed it doesn't give a superior coverage. If used on dark circles looks pathetically ashy.
Caution: While wearing this foundation, never ever photograph using a flash as it reflects a whitish cast . Definitely not a night time foundation

Final Note:  Dream Matte Mousse Foundation feels more like a pressed powder than a foundation. For the 'Matte' claim the lasting power is comparatively less and hence not suggestible even for oily skin.  I prefer Lotus Daily Matte Glow to this which comes at a much cheaper price and gives much better results.

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. good review vish...

  2. Thanks dear :)
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  3. :) thnx fr visitng Neha
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  4. hi vish...thanks for the detailed review,, i have oily skin and thans for clearing my doubts about buy in coins... plz do read my post ia hve tagged you.. tc.. :):)

  5. This is a complete no no for dry skin, since u really need to moisturize ur face in loads of cream and even then this foundation manages to make u think, shit! i shud have applied more moisturizer. I had bot this jar unknowingly and have whitish cast photos and i feel embarrassed even today. So i use it as a TM now along with moisturizer , so that i can finish the jar. I don't believe in wasting products which i have bot with hard earned money. Pls dont waste ur time, effort or money on this. Totally not worth it.

  6. hi Nieshaaa oh sure wil visit dear
    N glad my reviews r helpful to u :) :) :)

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  7. Roopa thank u fr taking tym n sharing ur xprnce it will help others well :) I have dry skin too n fr me it wrks like a compact on moisturizer n s totally agree wid d whitish cast it's pathetic Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


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