Apr 2, 2012

Avon Solutions Refined White Day Cream ~ Review, Swatch and Demo Clicks

What Avon says about 'Solutions Refined White Day Cream':  
The protective Day Moisturizer SPF 20 is developed with an advanced UV Defense Technology. It is formulated to protect skin from UV damage and environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution. Broad-spectrum SPF 20 works to shield skin from harmful sun rays while powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C helps counteract skin-damaging free radicals throughout the day

All I expected from this cream is sun protection, light moisturization and if possible to lighten the dark  forehead to match with the rest of my face. So did it fair well in meeting my expectations??

Price:  369 INR for 50g during offers.

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: Unlike the pink colored cream given in the catalogue it's white. Nevertheless the consistency is soft, smooth and buttery :)
  • Package: Glass jar packaging so should be handled carefully. Also should be used by sanitized hands or with a spatula. But the look of the jar is so pretty :)
  • Fragrance: Has a mild floral fragrance but I do sense some chemical fragrance at times :(
The Effects
  • Moisturizing? In any cream this is the 1st thing I look for and this cream was tested on both a bad skin day and a good skin day.
    • Bad Skin Day: The first day when I wanted to use this cream I had a very bad skin which means flaky nose and patchy skin :( :(. I would have thought that it's a very light moisturising cream if it didn't cover the patches fully but I was shocked to see that this cream actually enhanced the patches. Check out the below pictures to understand better.
On Dry Skin
    • Good Skin Day: The next day I applied this after using a toner and covering the dry patches with a little night cream. I noticed oily sheen which got subdued after 15 minutes. Once set with a compact my face was smooth but the effect lasted for only 2 hours. Later noticed oiliness on T-zone which was little it my case as I have dry skin.
  • Whitening? I think Avon took this term too literally because I washed my hands after using this cream and noticed that water turned milky. If it's very minimal it's understandable but it's very noticeable and so artificial :( . If a cream coats my skin I prefer it to be tinted rather than white.

    While washed with Water
    This below picture is after I washed my lips and the area around with water after lunch on the same bad skin day :(

    Increased White Patches with water
    Coming to the 'On Face' fairness, well did you notice that your skin looks a bit white in color when it's dry during winters. Yes!!! exactly my face looked fair and bright but it's 'Rukha Sukha' :(
  • Anti-Irritant? Observed a slight burning sensation when applied on eye lids which lasted for about an hour :(. I usually apply SPF day creams on eye lids to protect my already darkened eye lids from sun and never had such experience with any other sunscreen. 
Final Note:  I have used this product for only 4 days and I clearly knew that it's no good to my dry skin.Would suggest the sensitive and oily skin types to stay away from this cream as well. It might work for normal skin type with only the problem of uneven skin tones.

P.S: Thanks for bearing the bad pictures :(. Wanted to review with proof so had to post these on the blog.

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Solutions Refined White Day Cream" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Awww too bad it dint work for u.but u know i have combination skin and it actually made me glow literally in just 2 weeks.I had the sachets with me so tried 2 of themWas even thinking of picking up the full size one.now in two minds :/ u know u should ask ur rep to give u sachets of creams and all that are newly launched. ...I do that all the time so that u know if u want to go for it or not.....

  2. Oooh glad it wrked fr u :) this product will simply go waste nw :( n nice suggestion will do dat frm nxt tym dats a lot bttr to use sachets dan buying a full jar Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  3. wow! your blog is full of pics and so I must follow :))

  4. hey Coral :) just saw your comment. I had problems with my comments when i shifted to Intense Debate
    thank U

  5. Hey vish i wud like to suggest u that ur skin needs oriflame creams. oriflame day creams r the best ones go for it.. thr r many varieties choose for u skintype.. even out day cream is best, also essentials day creams r good try them..


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