Apr 3, 2012

Avon Skin SoSoft Soft & White Protect & Enhance Whitening HBL ~ Review & Swatch

What Avon says about Skin SoSoft  Soft & White Protect & Enhance Whitening Hand & Body Lotion:  
This HBL boosts skin's lightening process with a Dual Whitening System. First, it's advanced formula contains SPF 12 that helps protect the skin against darkening and damaging UV rays for long-lasting fair skin. Second, Advance Brightening Formula helps control the fairness level of the skin by reducing the production of the dark toned pigments, while increasing the production of the light toned pigments. Within a week skin looks whiter due to the Dual Whitening System. 

Price:  225 INR for 250ml

Look & Feel:

I have love and hate relationship with this lotion. Wondering why? well read on the detailed review to know why I disliked it yet how it proved to be effective.

While Blending
  • Texture: Solid white runny lotion. Takes considerable time to absorb into the skin completely. Also results in patchy streaks if not blended well.
Improper Blending
  •  Package: The plastic bottle is brittle. The flip cap is not tight enough to hold the runny lotion from spilling when under pressure.
  • Fragrance: Pleasant floral fragrance which lasts for about an hour.

The Effects
  • Moisturizing? Provides the least bit of moisturization for my dry skin. Might work for normal to oily skin types.
  • Whitening? Though it brightened skin immediately it behaved differently in different lights. In bright lighting skin was more brighter and radiant than it usually would be in the same lighting conditions. In dark lightings skin was bright but 'Rukha - Sukha' as mentioned here. Also noticed the same white colored water while washing hands. But but but... as it's meant for hands and as it didn't cause any harm I continued using it and now after a week feet and hands are a little brighter.
  • Protection? I didn't expect much from SPF 12 but surprised to see that it's equally effective as the SPF 40 lotions under sun.
My Mom Says: My mother is a house wife so no much exposure to sun. However her skin darkened a lot due to ageing. This lotion showed results on her skin within 4 days. Her feet are clear without any tanning now. Initially seeing the dryness on the feet I doubted that it's again the wintery white effect. I applied Vaseline to moisturise but even then no darkness or uneven tones. YAYYYYY. My mom is happy :) :) :) :) :)

Final Note:  Very effective for whitening and de-tanning but it should improve the moisturization formula.  Also better to shorten the name :P

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Skin SoSoft Soft & White Protect & Enhance Whitening HBL" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. i didnt try any avon products..seems u r big fan of avon..u have lot many products from their range...will try for sure...

  2. Hey Preethi I have so many products from Avon because I dedicated March month to explore Avon range. Due to some delay had to post few in the 1st week of April
    bt yes afta reviewing all these n that most of them proved to be good, now I do trust the brand Avon :)
    S do checkout :)
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  3. Glad its helping ur mom...Even i have tanned feet.Should give this a try after all. ;) Thanks for sharing. :D

  4. :) yes try it Jyo n would b lukng fwd fr ur review too
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  5. Nice review...godd that its helping your mom....:D

  6. Thnx Sophia :) :)
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