Mar 5, 2012

VLCC Natural Sciences Sweat Free Sun Block Lotion SPF 40 -- Review & Swatch

The Sun Block Says:  
Sweat Free Sun Block Lotion SPF 40 provides 'Broad Spectrum Sun Block Protection' against both UVA & UVB rays of the sun. A unique 'Sweat Free' formulation that protects the skin against sun damage thus preventing tanning & ageing. Its anti-irritant properties protect the skin against irritation & redness while the non-greasy formula lends a satin-smooth feel to the skin

Price:  315 INR for 125g

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: Thick , creamy, oily lotion which takes time to  sink into the skin.
  • Fragrance: Fresh cucumber fragrance
  • Package: Tubular package but not so sturdy. The product spilled in my bag when it got pressed. Yakkkkk :(

The Effects
  • Moisturizing:  Due to the greasiness it's very moisturizing.
  • Whitish Cast: Noticeable immediately after application but disappears in 15 minutes. 
  • Sun Protection: Amazing. I have used it for a month and my hands and feet haven't darkened further. 
  • Anti Irritant: Feels cool while applying but cannot comment much on this claim as I used only on hands.
  • Sweat Free: On hands NOOOOO
Wheatish Cast observed after application

Buy This:
  • For SPF 40 to get complete sun protection.
  • For the fresh cucumber fragrance.
  • For the moisturizing property.
  • As a  Hand and Foot cream with SPF
  • Dry Skin people can try it on face in winters.
Don't Buy:
  • For not justifying the 'non greasy' claim
  • For not justifying the 'Sweat Free' claim
  • If you have oily skin.

Wheatish Cast Disappeared but Oily Sheen observed

Final Note: Even though it doesn't justify the claims 'non oily' and 'non greasy'  I do  not regret buying  this for the  sun protection it offers. Also do ex foliate regularly as this attracts more dirt due to the greasiness.

Dear Readers:
Let me know your opinion about VLCC Natural Sciences Sweat Free Sun Block Lotion SPF 40  in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.

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