Mar 6, 2012

Tuesday Tip Bit -- Makeup Brushes -- Instant Sanitizing

Most of us don't hoard many make up brushes and use a single brush to pick up different shades of color. And we all have also observed the dark shades getting mixed with the light shades. To avoid this all you need is a Hand Sanitizer.

Just take a few drops of sanitizer in your palm and dip the brushes and wipe with a tissue. All the color gets washed off and the brush dries in seconds. 

In the below pictures I dipped Maybelline Gel Liner Brush into the sanitizer( Lifeboy)

Black Spot is the Gel Liner from the Brush

Observe the Liner Streaks after dipping in the Sanitizer
I have been following this trick since a long time and it hasn't affected the quality of the brushes in any way. Hope this works for you all too :)

Nevertheless keep washing you brushes as often as possible :)


  1. i do this often..even just wiping the brush with a wet wipes helps save the brush and keep it dry also :)

    1. Ya Anamika :):)

      Water can be used for non water proof products

      I m honored to know that you commented on my blog :)

      Boosted my confidence

      Thanx :) :)


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