Mar 13, 2012

Tuesday Tip Bit -- Body Lotion for Dry Frizzy Hair

"For dry frizzy hair just look into your shelf, grab your favorite light weight body lotion, take a pea-sized amount and apply it to hair without touching the scalp.

It will eliminate the frizz very well when compared to other expensive leave-in conditioners and serums. Also you have the advantage of lovely smelling hair depending on the body lotion used"

Background Story:

I have wavy, thick, dry and frizzy hair. Conditioners did tame my hair to a certain extent but not fully. My hair became very dry in winters in-spite of all the oiling and conditioning. It is then that I realized that hair needs external moisturizer just like our body in dry climate, so why can't a body moisturizer be used to hair as well??

Without further thinking, I just grabbed my favorite Bath and Body Works body lotion and applied to hair very lightly. I could see my rough hair softening immediately :)

I have browsed in the internet to know about any side effects that might be caused and was surprised to see that many people have already been using it and did not observe any damage being caused :)

Now, I have included body moisturizer in my hair care routine and simply loving it :)

  • Never apply to scalp else it makes hair and scalp greasy.
  • Use light weight moisturizers only but good moisturizers.
  • Take only pea-sized amount.
  • Not meant for styling or heat protection.
Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about the "Tuesday Tip Bit -- Body Lotion for Dry Frizzy Hair" through comments.


  1. Woww :) This is new and seems like a nice idea. Thank you Vish

  2. yeah I never apply that to me scalp either.. mainly just the tips of my hair! thanks for your review!

    1. :) yes I apply to hair starting from my neck till ends :)

  3. Nice review, would give it a try for my frizzy hair.. Have a look at my blog and join if u like it.. Love! <3

  4. Hello Fizz
    Hope d trick works on ur hair too
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