Mar 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color ~ Review & 'On Nails'

What Sally Hansen says about 'Diamond Strength No Chip' Nail Color:  Provides excellent coverage with intensive color effect. Nail looks smooth after application. 

Price:  I purchased in US long back so I don't remember the price. But it is available at around 450 INR for 13.3 ml in many Indian websites.

Look & Feel:

Single Coat
  • Shade: Silver Anniversay. Pure silver shimmery color.  It’s angelic and a perfect shade for parties.
  • Fragrance: Strong alcoholic fragrance which wears off in an hour.
  • Package & Applicator: Package is fancy with a stone studded on the front. Applicator is comfortable enough to use.

The Effects
  • Opacity: It’s a very sheer color. Even with a double coat I could see the tips of my nails. When applied neatly on top of a dark shade it gives duo chromatic effect.
Double Coat With Flash
  • Lasting Power:  With double coat the color lasts for 5 days without chipping or fading.
  • Drying Time: Took 5-10 minutes for drying. 
  • Finishing:  Gives a noticeable difference to hands due to the shimmer but again the shimmery finish is not smooth and neat.
Buy This:
  • Only if you are head over heels on any shade available in this range.
Don't Buy:
  • Because many other brands are giving the same results @ 100/-
Final Note:  It’s a good quality nail color but at a price of 450/- it’s not remarkable.  

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