Mar 2, 2012

Fab India Lavender Skin Toner -- Review and Swatch

The Toner Says: 
An alcohol free hydrating toner that cleanses, refreshes and soothes your skin. 

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Price: 150 INR for 200 ml

Before I begin please note that this is my 1st toner and I have nothing to compare it to other than the astringent used in Salons after threading.  So I have just honestly put down what I felt while using this product.

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: Clear liquid just like water.
  • Fragrance: Mild medicinal fragrance not so appealing to me. I am really not sure if this is what a Lavender smells like.
  • Package: Sturdy, simple and neat.
  • Taste: Bitter.  Didn't taste it on purpose :P . Happen to taste it around the lips when I had breakfast immediately after toning.
The Effects
  • Cleansing: In spite of using a cleansing milk and face wash prior to toning I did notice traces of dirt on the cotton ball. So yes effectively justifies the claim :)
  • Refreshing: Not refreshing. May be owing to its non-alcoholic property it didn't provide the cooling effect as provided by an astringent used in Salons.
  • Soothing:  No burning sensation and is moisturising. 
  • Tightening: Nil. Just take some water and a tiny drop of oil and apply it to face. That's the only feeling I got after using this.
Yes so far it sounded like a good toner for normal to dry skin right.  But But But....

Beware I got a mild rash on cheeks after 2 3 days of use. Initially I couldn't figure out as I have changed almost many of my skin care products. But after experimenting with each of the product I finally figured that this is the culprit.

Additional Info: 
Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Lavender Essential Oil.

Final Note:  This being my 1st toner I am not sure if my skin reacted with rash to a  good toner or the toner itself is bad. Definitely not using for face again but since I purchased it I am using it as a body toner after hair removal ;)

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