Mar 3, 2012

BonBons Flavored Lip Juicer -- Review, Swatches and the Lips

The Lip Juicer Says: 
Nothing. No claims mentioned on the gloss and in the website. BonBons is a brand from Bari Cosmetics 

Price: 0.99 $ for 6.5g at Walmart. It usually varies from 0.99$ to 1.08$ depending on the store.

While I purchased these all I expected was some fun sheer glosses to wear to nearby shops. But  I am pleasantly surprised by these cutely packed dirt cheap glosses.

Look & Feel:

  • Shades: Vanilla, Sugar Cookies and Grape.
    • Vanilla: White and shimmery
    • Sugar Cookies: No shimmer pink gloss with a purple hint to it. It's duo chromatic.
    • Grape: Medium pink shade with minute shimmer.
  • Texture: Juicy, sticky and smooth.
  • Fragrance: Sugar Cookies and Grape have mild bubble gum kind of smell while the Vanilla smells exactly like Vanilla. Smell lingers for about an hour.
  • Flavour: All glosses tastes sweet.
  • Package: Comes in a small cute tubular package. 

Top to Bottom -- Grape, Sugar Cookies, Vanilla

The Effects
  • Glossing: 
    • Vanilla: Glossy due to the shimmer
    • Sugar Cookies & Grape: Just gives a juicy wet shine.
  • Lasting: Lasts for 3-4 hours easily surviving light snacks.
  • Transfer Resistant: No
  • Moisturising: Amazing. No Lip balm required underneath.
  • Opacity: Sheer glosses giving just a hint of the color.
  • Plumping: To a certain extent.
Buy If You:
  • Are on the lookout of moisturising glosses for a cheap price
  • Are a resident of USA or have relatives or friends in USA.
  • Love flavoured glosses
  • Want to gift some make-up to kids or teenagers :)
Don't Buy If You:
  • Don't prefer anything sticky, flavoured or fragrant on lips.
  • Cannot get access to USA Shopping in any way.  Not available in India.
Final Note:    These glosses are Cheap and Cheerful :)  and I am glad I bought these even though I was unaware of the brand at the time of purchase. 


  1. grape looks nice :) Following u :)

    1. thank u Bhumi :)
      I like Sugar Candies for the dua chromatic effect thou my camera cudn't catch it well :(


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