Mar 28, 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction Lipstick( Plum Gorgeous) ~ Review, Swatch & ''On Lips"

What Avon says about Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction:  
Crave the color! Ribbons of rich moisture in creamy color in a sedu*tive new twist. Color charged pigments rush to lips' surface for bolder-brighter color. Aqua silk complex helps to seal in the moisture.

  • Immediately increases lips moisture content to 3.7 times
  • Provides 24 hrs moisturization
  • With SPF 15 protection.
Price:  Purchased for 259 INR in offer. Actual price 375 INR

When the Avon Haul arrived the 1st product I looked for is 'Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction' in shade Plum Gorgeous for the following reasons.
  • For the need of a moisturising lipstick.
  • For the need of a shade that brightens up my face without drawing attention to lips.
  • For the 'Pink Lips' mania bubbling in me.
  • For my addiction to the shade Purple 
  • Most importantly for waiting to wear a new Purple top along with this lipstick
First Impressions:

L2R: 3 Swipes, 1 Swipe

  • Texture:  Creamy, non shimmery, smooth and glides easily. It contains noticeable traces of a balm and lip color.
  • Package: Product is neatly packed into a stick with a glossy finish. The package is simple, neat and sturdy.
  • Shade: Pinkish purple which is buildable to full intensity in 2-3 swipes. The camera was not catching the purple tones well and highlighting the pink more :(. But it does have noticeable plum hues. Check here :)
  • Fragrance: Odorless :)
~A Day with Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction Lipstick~

8:30 AM: Got up excitedly with a smile thinking about new top and new cosmetics :)
9:30 AM: After a nice breakfast and preening in my new top I started to apply the lipstick. It glided smoothly on my already scrubbed moist lips. I was quite happy with the color.

@9:30 AM
11:00 AM: Arrived at work and a quick look in the mirror showed that the color and moisturization stayed intact.
11:30 AM: Checking mails, yawning and sipping a cup of tea. Oops pink stains at the rim of the cup :(
12:30 PM:  Dryness alert on lips but still soft to touch and comfortable lips.
1:00 PM: Going out for lunch so quick touch up for lips as I wanted to flaunt the full color :) :P
1:30 PM: Binging onto the yummy Quiznos Sub I suddenly see a lipstick stain on the bread :(
2:00 PM: No hint of moisturization and color on the lips after a full meal.
2:10 PM: Applying the color wondering how it works on dry lips  but was surprised to see how smoothly the color glided. It's more like applying a lip balm than lipstick.
6:00 PM: Lips dried fully but was in no mood of touch ups so just applied a lip balm.

@ 6: 00 PM without Lip Balm
8:30 PM: Got into the cab and ate grapes :) :)
10:00 PM: Finally back home with my camera :). 

@10:00 PM.

' In a Nut Shell ' Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction Lipstick has made some exaggerated claims but in reality it is a good moisturizing lipstick which stays intact for 2 hours after which the color and moisture both start fading. Maximum lifespan of this lipstick on my super dry lips is 4 hours. For normal lips the moisturization might last for 5-6 hours.

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Sed*ction" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Its pretty shade Vish. :D loved it.i've raspberry which is a nude and works nicely on my Lips.Actually i mostly use it as a balm only. ;)

  2. Yes Jyo even I loved the shade so much so perfect for me for work :) n quite njyng using it Raspberry frm Mositure Seduction nly Jyo?
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  3. yep!  from the same range only. :)

  4. Ooh cool checking out now :)
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  5. Arre kitna sundar shade he! Why didnt I see this review before! I am ordering this shade straight away! :p

  6. lol sure :) yes it is very beautiful and girly
    looks so wonderful for daily usage dear

  7. lol sure :) yes it is very beautiful and girly
    looks so wonderful for daily usage dear


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