Mar 31, 2012

Avon Super Curlacious Mascara ~ Review & 'On Eyes Clicks'

What Avon says about Super Curlacious Mascara:  

  • Increases curve of lashes upto 2X!
  • Light weight formula doesn't weigh lashes down.
  • Water-proof!
Price:  299 INR for 7.5g in offer :)

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: Light weight, liquid formula with the right consistency for neat application.
  • Package: A bit long but v stylish. I liked the solid black casing with the name written  in pink :)
Curved and Neat Wand

  • Wand: Slightly curved wand which is easy to work with and which separates and coats the lashes well. But only problem is due to the curved shape it doesn't come out easily through the tube. Same is observed while putting it back. Nonetheless it hasn't caused any damaged to the wand or the bristles. I wish the wand is in red color as shown in the catalogue :(
  • Shade:  Black

The Effects
  • Clumping? None at all. However the required number of coats should be applied when the mascara is still wet else not possible to add coats on dried mascara.
  • Curling? Lifts up the lashes to open the eyes but will not give dramatically curled lashes. Surprisingly it almost gave the same effect when used on curled lashes. 

In the below picture can you guess which eye has only Supercurlacious  and which eye has curled plus Supercurlacious lashes?
Well left eye only SuperCurlacious lashes and right eye has curled plus Supercurlacious lashes :)
  • Lengthening? Good. It lengthens to a noticeable extent.
Bare Eye to Avon SuperCurlacious Mascara'd Eye
  • Volumizing? Lashes will appear a bit thick due to the coats but will not add any extra volume.
  • Long Lasting? The curling effect and the lengthening effect both lasted for 12 hours :). Later I removed it.
After 12 hours
  • Drying Time: Just 1 minute.
  • Water-proof? It is semi water proof because it flakes little but don't worry it will not bleed or mess up resulting in panda eyes. The flakes can easily be brushed off. 
  • Removable? 70% will be washed off with a face wash and of course in a non messy way :). Remaining can be easily removed with baby oil or any eye make up remover.
  • Anti-Irritant? Yes. No stinging to eyes and no harm to lashes.
Final Note:  It's an excellent light weight mascara for every day use to lift up the lashes, which instantly brighten the eyes and which stays long holding the curl. Highly recommended and very happy with it.

Update: Worked well for about 45-50 days. Later it started to flake a lot after 4-5 hours causing inconvenience as the flakes get into the eyes. But agreed no change in the lasting power of the curled effect.
Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Super Curlacious Mascara" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


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