Mar 26, 2012

Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Replenishing Night Cream ~ Review & Swatch

What Avon says about 'Solutions Hydra Radiance Replenishing Night Cream':  
This light-weight hydrating cream replenshis dry, flaky skin for a healthy dewy look. Formulated exclusively with Ulex Europaeus Extract(Don't ask me what it is :P. Just copied from the package.). It is superior in enhancing skin hydration
Hydration Boost: Formulated to help improve the skin's natural hydration process and open up the skin's water channels to allow even distribution of hydration.
Hydration Lock:Formulated to help repair and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier, enhancing it's ability to lock moisture. 

Combining the powerful "hydration boost" and "hydration lock"actions, this hydrating cream delivers hydration benefit to skin. Skin looks soft, supple, healthy and radiant.

The changes in the climate have taken its toll on my skin resulting in a flaky nose and patchy skin around my lips. After reading this description I felt it is made for my needs and couldn't wait to try it. Read on to know if my Skin thanked me or chided me for buying this :P 

Price:  499 INR. Currently in offer for 339 INR.

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: White coloured, smooth textured cream. I love the touch and feel of it :)
  • Package: Glass jar packaging. So yes prone to breakage and also unhygienic.
  • Fragrance: Pleasant aquatic fragrance lasting upto 2 hours. If you prefer odorless creams before bed then this fragrance might bother you. But I just love it :)
The Effects
  • Hydrating? As a night cream has the heavy stickiness but nothing oily. It's pure water based cream.  Skin gets soft and all the dry patches smoothen instantly and last till next morning. However dry patches re-appear after bath.
  • Replenshing? I have been using it for almost 3 weeks and noticed considerable reduction in the size of the patches and dry flakes. A morning cream will anyways be necessary but the quantity  required to moisturize the dry patches considerably reduced.
  • Dewy Look? Yes skin texture has improved to a certain extent on regular usage and feels soft and dewy.
  • Anti-Irritant? When applied in excess experienced a bearable burning sensation on the dry patches which of-course vanished in about 5 minutes. Also, in-spite of the heavy texture I didn't have any break outs

Buy This:
  • For extremely dry skin with flakes and patches
  • During offers to get at a reasonable price
  • For a little face-pampering before bed time.
  • For the fresh floral-aquatic fragrance
Don't Buy:
  • If you have oily skin.
  • When not in offer.
  • Feels heavy during Summers
Final Note:  It may not miraculously eliminate all dry patches and the flakes but it will definitely start working from the 1st application and reduces the patches to a noticeable extent in about 2 weeks . When used along with this Toner you will get softer and nourished skin... So yes my skin is definitely happy :)

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Replenishing Night Cream" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Looks good. I loved the look of the

  2. Yes Lavanya the pack and the product both are good :)

  3. Nice Review Vish but My skin tends to become oily in summers :(

  4. Thnx Lancy does your skin bcum oily in summers alone or do u have an oily skin
    coz this will nt increase the oiliness in anywaz but will increase the hydration of skin which works in summers for dry skin

  5. Glad its working for you Vish. :) I am using the refined white one and liking it abhi tak. Hope it shows results like this one. :D

  6. R u using the refined white day cream or night cream Jyo?

  7. I was searching for a review of this product, thanks for it!

  8. Yes Lavanya the pack n d product both r v good :)
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  9. Is it d refnd white day cream or d nyt cream dat u r using Jyo
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  10. night cream Vish. :)

  11. ooohhh hoping to see it's detailed review in ur blog soon :)

  12. Glad it helped u Taps :)
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  13. Hi, VP, Where do u get Avon products? I don't remember seeing them in any retail store!!

  14. Hey hi DT :)
    Avon will not b available in retail stores v have to buy from representatives I have ordered from an Avon representative who belongs to Kolkatta
    U can drop an email to her at( for further details Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  15. Np :)
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  16. Hi Vish....Mine is a Combination skin, i mean the TZone area seems to be oily sometimes , but the area around my lips is dry (Can c flakes few tyms). I would be pleased if you could suggest a good night cream for my skin?? Presently I am using Avon Solutions refined white night cream. Every next day i wake up, I observe too much oiliness.... :( Disappointed :( So, i am searching for a good option!!!

  17. Oohhh looks like we have almost similar skin types

    I used to have dry flakes around lips and nose

    Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Night cream. It worked for me

    I used the Solutions Refined White Day Cream and it turned out to be very bad to my skin
    But the Hydra Radiance Nyt Cream and Toner worked

    Try it :)

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  18. Okay!! Will try it soon :) :) :) And thanks for the instant replies dear...Keep going!! U rock !!!!! 

  19. also if your nose is becoming very oily due to night creams try to avoid using night cream on T-zone and use it on the remaining face
    For T-zone use only the toner.

  20. Awww thanks dear :)

    U r inspiring me to write more :)

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