Mar 14, 2012

Avon EverLasting Lipstick - Forever Burgundy - Review, Swatch and Lip Clicks

What Avon says about ExtraLasting Lipstick:  
  • Helps prevents dryness for 12 hours!
  • Formulated with Fresh Water complex so color stays true.
  • Medium to full color satin finish
  • Transfer resistant, provides SPF15 protection

My routine starts at 9 30 AM and ends at 10 PM on working days. So 'Long lasting'  is the first thing I check in most of my cosmetics. So, when I read all these claims I obviously had to get it. 

Price: 375 INR for 1.5g. Now in offer at 279 INR

Look & Feel:

T2B-Single to Double Swipe

  • Texture: Feather-light lipstick which glides on lips giving a smooth finish on well moisturised lips else  gives an untidy finish.
  • Package: Sleek and classy packaging. Not so sturdy but manageable.
  • Fragrance: Mild pleasant fragrance observed when smelled from package but on lips it's odourless. 
  • Shade: Forever Burgundy. As 'Long Lasting' in my life means 'For Work' I was looking for a medium shaded lip color.  This shade was shown in the catalogue as 'medium pinkish brown' but in reality it is a 'dark pinkish red'. So disappointed in-spite of the beautiful shade.

From the Catalogue

The Effects
  • Lasting Power: Totally amazed as it stays for 5-6 hours without meals. With meals it leaves a lovely pink stain. 
  • Colour Intensity: Full color is obtained with single swipe :)
  • Moisturising:  It doesn't dry out lips on it's own. But as I have extremely dry lips I have to re-apply lip balm for every 4 hours else it settles in lines :( 
  • Transfer Resistant? NO for cups and YES on skin.
  • Bleeding? It bleeds meaning you have to either use a lip liner or be extremely careful while applying at the boundaries of your lips. 
Buy This:
  • For opaque color that lasts long.
  • For SPF15.
  • For being pocket-friendly.
  • For the adorable stained lips.
  • For the dark shade which instantly brightens the face.
  • For fair to medium skin tones
Don't Buy:
  • For bleeding.
  • For settling in fine lines.
  • For dark skin tones.

Final Note:    Avon claims more than this product actually delivers nevertheless EverLasting lipstick  is a good lipstick and a steal for the price of 280/-. I would have loved it more if I got the exact shade provided in the catalogue 

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon ExtraLasting Lipstick" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Nice shade. But not for me :( Me dark

    1. You can try it stain lips Lancy it works gr88 as a stain

  2. i hv this in Mauve ice shade... lucky tat it almost looked the same in the catalogue & product too.. i can understand how much it irritates when wat you get is not wat you see.. hv experienced the same before..

    and yeah.. 'settling into lines'.. tats one thing i hate in this lippie...

  3. Yaa tru dats d reason was nt able to appreciate this beautiful shade Yes I liked Mauve Ice too it's a v good shade fr daily wear bt wantd sthng in browns so opted dis bt it turnd out to be anothr pink :D Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


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