Feb 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment -- Review and Swatch

Today I am reviewing Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment which I purchased last year on my trip to US. It’s about to be over now so I don’t have the cover to share ingredients list and product description.

Color:   6522-80 Amethyst : Lovely pink & purple mixed shade that anybody can wear anytime, anywhere and with anything :)

  • Moisturizing, highly glossy but sticky. So people who don’t like sticky glosses stay away from it. 
  •  I absolutely don’t mind sticky glosses. In my opinion they are very moisturizing and this is apt for me as I cannot stand dry lips even for a second. 
  • You don’t have to apply lip balm prior to the gloss.

Transfer Resistant? 
  •  Not at all. Hence no ki*sies with this :P :P
  •  Be careful not to touch your glossed lips else you might end up leaving a trail of shimmer on every touch. 
Line Smoothing Claim: Yes I didn’t see any lines after applying the gloss. I think this is because of the moisturizing factor of the gloss

Staying Power:
  • The gloss effect lasts easily for 4-5 hours surviving snacks and drinks but not full meals. 
  • After 5th hour the color fades away leaving dry lips and shimmer on your lips. You can see the picture how it looks once it fades.

Applicator: Good enough doe applicator though I prefer the petal shaped applicator of  Loreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss.

Flavor & Fragrance:
  • It has refreshing peppermint flavor to it which is tasteless but gives a cooling sensation to lips as if you licked your lips after chewing a mint gum.
  • Very mild peppermint fragrance due to the flavor it has.
Availability and Price:
  • Purchased in US haven’t seen in India yet.
  • Don’t remember the price but I just remember that I haven’t spent too many bucks on it.
Final Note: A  long lasting gloss and a pretty shade. Worth every penny and definitely a product to be in vanity case.

Finally this is how it looks on my lips.

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