Feb 24, 2012

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW™ Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Creme SPF-25 -- Review and Swatch

Product Description:
Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents. A revolutionary formula that blends the benefits of a gel and a crème. It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin

Price: 99 INR for 20g

Availability: Easily available in all beauty stores and in E-Market

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: It does have a creamy gel like consistency which spreads easily on the skin. I feel that it forms a very thin film on the skin because I observed that face shines after application. Don't worry it's not oily it's kind of healthy glossy shine. Reminds me of how hair serum coats hair.
  • Fragrance:  The same floral smell as all the other products from WhiteGlow range which lingers for about 30 minutes
  • Package:  This creme comes in a classy jar and tube packing. Lucky I got the tube long back as I think they have discontinued the tube now . Dipping fingers into the jar is so messy and unhygienic . 

The Effects:

Before reviewing the effects let me brief you about my skin. My skin is normal except the area around lips and nose. These areas at times get flaky and in winters need heavy yet non oily moisturizers. 
  • Moisturizing: This gel cream was not at all sufficient in winters while in other seasons it gives good non oily moisturizing. But I have to apply some heavy moisturizer on the flaky areas.
  • Whitening: None. It would just give a temporary healthy brightness and as the gel controls oil production face stays fresh for about 5 - 6 hours.  But from with in no improvement in my complexion.
  • Matte: I have used it alone and underneath foundation. In both the cases it does a fabulous job in regulating oil production. No sweat or oily feeling. In fact skin feels smooth to touch.
  • Protection: As mentioned before it forms a thin film so offers little protection from impurities accumulating on face. Also I didn't see any further darkening of the skin so justifies the sunscreen's claim.
Final Note: A day gel/cream that gives smooth silky matte skin. I liked using this cream but it does not satisfy all my skin needs. For normal skin it's definitely a perfect day cream. Dry skin people should better not touch it.  I cannot say how the oil regulation works on oily skin but it's a product worth trying .


  1. will it suit combination skin..vish???

    1. Ya it wud suit well for a combination skin although in dry winters add another moisturizer for dry areas on d face

  2. Priyadharshini PrabhakaranMarch 20, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    Am using this as my night cream.. it is working but leaves my skin bit oily

  3. Oh as a nyt cream n it's wrking means is it improving ur skin complexion?? I sumhw dnt feel lyk using SPF products at nyt :) so nvr tried in dat way Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  4. pls help me out i hd a very oily skin i want to knw a daily basis cream which can b used

  5. Hi Krish :)
    Before I can suggest anything can u tell me what expectations u have frm d cream? Only oil regulation?
    Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


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