Feb 20, 2012

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40 -- Review & Swatch

Product Description: 

3-in-1 daily sunblock is a revolutionary sun protection formulation which combines broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection with skin lightening ingredients to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. Its fast absorption and non-greasy formula ensures a shine-free, light & clean feel.

Price:  175 INR for 50g

Texture:  A tinted lotion with the right consistency to blend into skin easily. True to the claim it gives a non sticky and a matte finish to face .  No wheatish cast or oiliness with this sunscreen.
Swatch: Tinted Moisturizer

Fragrance : Pleasant smell close to Bajaj Almond oil which lingers for about an hour after application

Moisturization: It provides adequate moisturization for summers without any sweaty or oily sensation. I really hate anything oily on face during summers. How ever in dry winters it's always better to top it on a moisturized skin.

Blending: No Oiliness and Good Absorption

Sun Protection:  Awesome!!!! I used this during my vacation in Goa last year where I got exposed to Sun for 2 days. Though it was mentioned on the tube to re apply every 3-4 hours I have just used in the morning and forgot about skin care in all the beach fun. But I was amazed to notice only a slight healthy tan. Few of my friends who used other products have suffered from Sun burns. Love this for the sun protection it provides.

Skin Lightening: As it is tinted it brightens the skin  immediately after use but it does not improve the skin tone on regular usage.  Well who cares!!! considering the amazing sun protection offered by the sun block.

Completely Blended

Packaging: Tube packaging but not sturdy enough. It got leaked when I carried it a loaded luggage.

Availability: Easily available in all beauty stores and E-Market.

How I use:

  • Summers: Just Lotus Safe Sun and Compact
  • Winters: Moisturizer+ Safe Sun+ Compact.
  • For Day Time Parties: Moisturizer + Safe Sun+ Foundation.

Final Words:  Complete sun protection + Tinted Moisturizer = Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 in 1 Sun Block.  Love the product and definitely recommend it to everyone. 


  1. promising product :)

  2. Yes do try it :) best for the weather now
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  3. I used it and it's v good agreed to the review

  4. Glad :)
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  5. Priyadharshini PrabhakaranMarch 20, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    I am using this sun block cream.. it is a perfect sun block to wear..

  6. Agreed I can use dis thru out the yr
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  7. Gonna get it right now :) :)

  8. Sure it's a must have for the current summers
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    1. Hi Vish :)
      Its been one week exactly that I've started using this product.
      I must say, it suited my skin very well and I am just loving this...
      Thanx a lot!!!
      And Vish, I would be pleased if you help me out in suggesting a good product, to wipe out a pimple scar formed on my cheek. All my face is totally clean with a good tone, but I have a black scar formed due to pimple. I have it since last month. Suggestion regarding any home remedies or any lovely product to get this away, will make my day!!!!

  9. it is a great product. But it has parabens in it, stopped using it once i realized that.

  10. Hello Pepal
    U r v correct
    Lotus in-spite of being herbals uses chemicals :(
    Thanks for visiting n sharing ur opinion :)
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