Feb 28, 2012

Lotus Herbals HONEYMOIST™ Ultramoisturising Cleanser -- Review

The Soap Says: 
HONEYMOIST™ Ultramoisturising cleanser is a dual bar, combining wonderful properties of Honey in one part with the Rose Water freshness and toning in the other. Lotus Herbals ‘see-through’ soap is carefully crafted from premium natural oils and active natural extracts. An Ayurvedic formulation, HONEYMOIST™ is pH balanced and in turn delivers the best results on dry skin. The synergistic effects of Honey, Rose Water & Aloe Vera extracts present in this 100% natural soap moisturizes, while thoroughly cleansing the driest of skins on the face & body.

I love non-drying and  fragrant bath products. When I read the description I thought 'Honey and Roses!!!! the most effective moisturizer with the most lovely fragrance, what do I need more'. But I am disappointed badly with the fragrance :(

Price: 70 INR for 100g

Look & Feel:
  • Texture:  Combination of a gel and a solid soap bar. Glides smoothly on the skin.
  • Fragrance:  Very mild floral smell. Though my mother smells roses in this soap I don't :(. But the fragrance lasts hardly for 30 minutes.
  • Package:  Nothing much special. It looks exactly like how it is in the picture.
  • Lathering:  Gives a decent lather required for cleansing with no slippery feeling  after wash.
The Effects
  • Cleansing: I do feel squeaky clean after bath :)
  • Moisturizing: Nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin. However follow up with moisturizer would be required. Normal or oily skinned people can skip moisturizer after this :). 
  • Toning: Hmm didn't feel any skin tightening effect.

Final Note:  I personally don't see any special reason to buy this for the price of Rs 70/-. If you are looking for a mild, herbal, mildly fragrant and non drying soap buy this. If you are a lover of perfumed baths then this not even worth smelling :P 

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