Feb 12, 2012

Lotus Herbals FloralSTAY Long Lasting Lip Color - Review & Swatches

Product Description: 
A luxurious lipstick that takes care of health of your lips, while enhancing looks & imparting intensive colour. Stays day long and protects lips from UV rays thus preventing darkening of lips.  Long lasting lip color enriched with botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Avocado. It lasts for hours with zero touch-ups. The SPF-10 formula provides complete protection from UV rays, preventing darkening of lips.

Price:  345 INR  

Availability: Easily available in all Beauty Stores and in E-Market.

Shade:  The product is available in 10 shades of pinks, maroons and browns. I purchased the shades Pink Mink(416) and Tulip Love(417). Both the shades brighten the face and would suit all skin tones. 

Pink Mink is kind of red that doesn't scream "Look at Me".  It's a combination of Coral red and Pink.  Anyone hesitating to try red lipsticks should definitely begin with this shade. Tulip Love is my favorite and is a bright pretty pink. 

Single Swipe to Multiple Swipes

Texture:  Matte, non creamy and no shimmer lipstick.  The color spreads equally well on  dry and also moisturized lips. 

Lasting Power:  The color stays intact for 4 to 5 hours with light snacks. With heavy meals the color fades away leaving stained lips.

Tulip Love after a heavy meal :)

Mositurization: Nil. So always apply the color on scrubbed moisturized lips. Else it will settle in fine lines. 

Transfer Resistant? Fulfills this claim to 70%.  It leaves light stains on cups and glasses but not on skin. So yes ki*s proof :P :P

Protection:  Has SPF 10 but in my opinion 10 is not sufficient for complete protection. Nevertheless something is better than nothing ;)
Fragrance:  It has a faint petroleum smell of a typical lipstick but once on lips it's odorless. 

Packaging: Outside packaging is sturdy and sleek to fit in purses. But the metal encasing the lipstick in kind of cheap.

Ingredients List: The active ingredients given are Aloe Vera and Avocado. But I never felt any repairing, soothing sensation indicating the presence on these ingredients. So  this lipstick being herbal doesn't make any difference.

How I Use:
  • Lip Balm + Single Swipe = Stained Lips
Tulip Love as a Stain
  • 2  3 swipes gives full color but dried lips. 
  • 2 3 swipes + 5 Minutes Wait + Blot Tissue + Lip Balm = Colored moisturized lips for a long time :)
Overall Efficacy:  Very reasonably priced long lasting lip colors. If all you want is just color then get these without any second thoughts. I personally don't prefer drying lipsticks so NO for me.

Updates From Readers:
Monali Says:

Hi.I have the pink mink shade...and i love the colour shade..I was expecting the lipstick will last long on lips,but sadly it didnt.For me it stay about 2-3hrs but the stain remains for more than 2hrs.I bought this after seeing it on you :) 

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