Feb 22, 2012

Lotus Herbals DE-TAN™ After-Sun Face Pack - Review and Swatch

Product Description:  An exclusive formulation to help remove skin tan and other forms of sun damage, DeTan contains active herbal extracts of liquorice, dandelion and carrot to provide a radiant healthy glow to the skin.

Price: 185 INR for 100g

After using many satisfying products from the brand Lotus Herbals I had many expectations from this face pack to De-Tan my skin. Well so did De-Tan Face Pack live up to it's claims? Read On..

Texture: I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Lacto Calamine Lotion but this face pack is like a thick paste of Fuller's Earth(Multana Mitti) and Lacto Calamine( whose key-ingredient is indeed Fuller's Earth).

Application: Though it's thick it spreads well on face giving a smooth application. These ready to use face packs just make the job so easy peasy for lazy bugs like me.

Fragrance: What smell can we expect from Fuller's Earth? Yes true. It has pure smell of clay.

Drying Time:  Dries in 15 minutes.

Cleansing: While rinsing it kind of spreads but after washing the face it gives a squeaky clean feeling. I felt that all the accumulated impurities have been removed thoroughly from pores. It was very refreshing.

Moisturization: Like most of the face packs it gave a dry stretchy feeling after rinsing. But no dry patches were observed. In spite of the stretchy feeling face looked well moisturized when looked in the mirror. 

De-Tanning: Did not live up to this claim. I have used this face pack about 4 times so far and always during night. After 1st use I couldn't see any change and thought that the product is a failure but from 2nd application on-wards my face looked radiant and bright. However that effected lasted for about 4 hours. Next day no radiance and no brightness. So I assume that the radiance was due to the thorough cleansing but not De-Tanning.

Final Note:  Considering the fact that it comes at a reasonable price and gives radiant glow to skin for a short duration I don't regret buying it and I like using it after a tired day. But as it did not fulfill it's claim of De-Tanning I will have to just give a 3 star rating 


  1. i was planning to buy this...thanks for the review.....i may skip it now:)

  2. Oohh glad to see ur comment dear :)
    Ya it cleanses well but doesn't detan

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